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Restructuring Youth CREAM

Youth objective: Restore
To fight against visible signs of ageing: wrinkles, even deep ones, skin slackening.

Restructuring Youth CREAM

  • Root extract

    Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine, this active ingredient allows fight the slackened skin, the sagging tissue, restores the skin barrier and visibly reduces dark spots.

    BP3. Tri-complex ™ Saffron-Sophora-Peptides*

    Combinaison of Saffron and Sophora with new generation peptides. It can help the skin to fight against oxidative stress and et fight the signs of chronological ageing. *Contained separately in the Intensive treatment. Excluding Youth serums.

    Marine exopolysaccharides

    To visibly reduce wrinkles.

    Duo of vitamin D-like chicory root, and a peptide

    To restore the skin barrier.

Complete your at-home skincare routine

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