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nOctuelle™ Chrono-destressing Sleeping Mask

A formula with a concentration of anti-ageing stabilized vitamin C, oxygen-like nasturtium plant extract, and active ingredients to brighten and restore skin well-being. When applied using the exclusive Sothys relaxing application technique, this mask is the first step towards letting go, and its fragrance promotes sleep.

nOctuelle™ Chrono-destressing Sleeping Mask

  • Stabilized vitamin C

    To stimulate cellular activity and visibly reduce the signs of ageing.

    Extract of nasturtium rich in α-glucans

    To revive cells through the optimal use of oxygen.

    Chaste tree extract

    These phyto-endorphins can reproduce the activity of β-endorphins, which stimulate cellular activity and enhance the well-being of the skin.

    Lindera extract

    To keep the circadian rhythm in check by restoring the expression of the CLOCK gene and stressed cells.

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